Every House has a soulmate for a buyer

117 Antrim Ln front

117 Antrim Deck & view







Ever wonder why their is such diversity in buyer interest.  Some seek houses that are low in price, others are seeking low maintenance, or houses that provide status.  There are as many reasons to own a home as there are differences in every home.  In fact, no two homes are ever alike nor are the people who buy. Real Estate is truly unique.

As a buyers agent, my role is first to listen to what a buyer is saying and to assist  the buyer to match their interests with the available housing currently on the market. Today’s buyers are looking on the Internet and often time heavily involved in the search.  My role is to assist them in the technical aspects of buying. New rules in truth and lending (TRID) make financing a loan more understandable however the new time frames will delay closings and prevent timely moves.  Using real estate Attorneys and Real Estate Agents knowledgeable of the new law and time frames will make the process run more smoothly, and eliminate unexpected costly delays.

When I list a house, I try to identify the type of interest a buyer would have in the house. My marketing will bring out the features of the house that would attract a potential buyer. As an example, My listing at 117 Antrim Drive in Camillus is a high quality house that is a part of a #PUD known as Annesgrove that has a home owners association.  The house has three 1st floor bedrooms and a walk out finished basement.  This home would attract a buyer seeking high quality features for a fair price comparable to the area. The buyer would like low maintenance and gladly pay the $150/month HOA fee to mow the lawn and shovel snow. Usually working couples or retired couples seeking first floor living and a place for friends or relatives to visit make this house ideal. The large 2 car garage provides both room for cars as well as storage.  117 Antrim Liv. Rm view

The living room has windows that provide both a scenic view of Camillus Hills as well as a door opening to a large deck that extends to a master bedroom’s slider.

In my future blogs, I will address other homes and the features that could attract buyers. Interested in this or any other home in Central New York contact me at: gmango@MangoSellsHomes.com